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What is a BackOffice?

BackOffice (or Back Office) is a relatively new term that refers to the tasks, equipment, systems, and processes that you use in your day-to-day operations. The 'stuff' that nobody normally sees.


Wikipedia defines it as:

"A back office is a part of most corporations where tasks dedicated to running the company itself take place. The term "back office" comes from the building layout of early companies where the front office would contain the sales and other customer-facing staff and the back office would be those manufacturing or developing the products or involved in administration but without being seen by customers. Although the operations of a back office are seldom prominent, they are a major contributor to a business."

Although the term was originally used for corporations, back office operations are critical to every business, whether it's a home based office, a small two-person operation, or a medium sized, million dollar company. The key differences are who does the work, the equipment you use, the scope of the work, and the the methods you use. And of course, the budget!

iON BackOffice Solutions can help with all the key elements of back office operations:


  • Ensure that you are not over spending

  • Ensure your operations are efficient

  • Ensure your methods are effective

  • Ensure that you are able to follow through on commitments

  • Provide additional labour force

  • Conduct routine maintenance

  • Provide emergency assistance

  • Provide Technical Assistance

  • Advise and assist on purchasing and procurement

  • Advise and assist on technology adoption and integration

  • ....a whole lot more!


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