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What Do We Mean?

You may have noticed we use the phrase "Your Time, Your Money, Your Way". iON BackOffice Solutions believes that every business needs to address and manage those three things to be successful.


Your Time

If you are struggling to find time to complete the important back office tasks then you need help. As the old saying goes, 'time IS money'. If your processes, methods, or your equipment are not efficient and effective then you waste time.


Your Money

It goes without saying that if you are not maximizing the use of your time then you are wasting money.

Likewise, there are many areas where your business can probably reduce cost and therefore increase profits.


Your Way

This refers to both your way of doing things and your way of presenting yourself to prospects and clients. This encompasses day-to-day operations such as invoicing, putting together estimates or proposals, and how you follow up on sales.


Of course Your Way affects both Your Time and Your Money, but it also affects your appearance to prospects and clients. If your image is not professional then you may be losing opportunities. For example,  if you provide an estimate verbally or on a handwritten form from the local office supply, you put yourself at an immediate disadvantage and make the sales process more difficult. Many general contractors and builders refuse to hire trades people who will not represent the company and project professionally. If your business claims that you can improve someone else's home or personal appearance, you need to walk the walk. Your image does matter!



You'll find that we have compiled a number of services and products that will help you address each of these three pillars of your business. What may not be obvious is that all of the them actually pertain to time. For example, although some of the services will save Your Money or will improve Your Way, but all of them will address issues with Your Time.


That's why we also say "It's About Time".

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