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How We Do It

We've been asked how do we manage to provide such a diverse list of services. Well actually, we don't!


Many of our projects are done in-house relying on over 30 years of real world experience and knowledge in a wide range of skills and disciplines. However, like you, we we recognize that we can't do it all ourselves. Therefore, we have established an impressive group of associates and affiliates.


We analyse each situation to determine if it is in our client's best interest to do the project ourselves. This decision is based on the budget, time restraints, skills required, and previous commitments. If we deem it necessary to call upon one of our associates we take the role of Project Manager and let the associates do what they do best under close guidance by us.


Whether we do the work ourselves in-house, or call in the specialists, you deal with us. We manage the process and we make sure you're happy. We make sure that the associate is in full understanding of your budget, your concerns, and your desires. We hold them accountable to us, and we remain accountable to you.

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