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A Message from the Founder

The two most common challenges for any small business are finding time to manage the business and time to watch the bottom line. Unfortunately, the proposed solutions to these two problems are often more complicated and expensive than they need to be for small and medium businesses.


I have spent over 30 years working for myself and others in the telecommunications field, the computer field and the construction industry. I have worn the hats of Customer Service Manager, Project Manager, Site Supervisor, Director of Operations, Construction Project Developer, web designer, marketing manager, and entrepreneur. I have met many impressive skilled people over the years who struggle to maintain their business either due to time restraints or budget restraints.


I have also been in the situation where I was unable to hire someone for a project that I was managing because they did not appear professional. On more than a few occasions I was unable to offer an opportunity to a good person with plenty of skill and experience for fear they may not reflect the desired impression to a client. I have a number of proven solutions and experiences that I know are time effective and less expensive than many of the alternatives.


That is why I formed iON BackOffice Solutions.


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